virtual data rooms comparison 2022

Virtual Data Rooms Comparison 2022

Virtual Data Rooms are some of the fastest-growing offerings on the market. VDR providers have offered solutions to many business problems with just one software, and have provided guaranteed security while sharing business data, quality remote operation, and time and cost savings. Not surprisingly, in just a few years, the VDR market has increased its revenues by hundreds of thousands of dollars, as they are still growing, and offer several benefits to businesses from any industry. In this article, we’ll do a virtual data room comparison of the best vendors for 2022.

The Top Best Virtual Data Room Vendors Today

The VDR market is overflowing with different solutions, so it can be a little difficult for you to navigate among so many offerings. Below we will provide a list of the best quality data rooms today so that you can compare and choose the best of the best.

  • iDeals Review

iDeals has been a leader among data room providers for years, but it only provides its services to medium and large businesses. The security tools of this VDR are undoubtedly powerful and reliable, it is certified with the best ISO27001 security certification, and it is very easy to use. VDR has a user-friendly and clear interface, is accessible from any browser device, and does not require any plugins to be installed. You don’t need to format files into RDF before downloading, as iDeals supports more than 20 file formats.

  • Firmex review

The main feature of Firmex is its well-designed, smart interface, which contributes to a smoother and more productive experience. Firmex has many customers because it guarantees reliable protection at a reasonable price. The data room also provides useful features for data management. VDR’s customer service is top-notch and always ready to help.

  • Intralinx Review

Intralinx is one of the few providers that use AI features in its operations. This allows you to quickly and easily organize, conduct and close even the largest transactions. That said, many of Intralinx’s features are automated, making your job easier and saving you time. The capabilities of this VDR allow you to thoroughly prepare for a deal and conduct it efficiently.

  • SecureDocs Overview

SecureDocs is the universal VDR which is great for companies of all sizes. VDR is known for its speed. Set up VDRs quickly and start working in it, it takes 10-15 minutes. SecureDocs offers very loyal pricing while providing unlimited users and storage.

VDR price comparison – how VDR pricing works

Provider prices can depend on anything, and each business, due to its specifics: the number of transactions, the scale of projects, the type of activity, has to choose which of the proposed pricing structures suits it best. VDR prices can be formed:

  • For a user – there is a charge for each additional user, so if your team is relatively small this can be a great fee option
  • Per Page – Vendors charge for each page of a document uploaded to the VDR space. Companies with a small document workflow may want to consider this offer
  • Storage capacity -If your transactions don’t involve the exchange of audio or video files, but just regular documents, this option is right for you. The provider will charge you for the extra storage space, so for real estate firms, for example, this option won’t work for you
  • Monthly or annual plans – Providers such as iDeals offer customers three plans to choose from, each of which includes a specific set of features. Pick a plan that can meet your business needs and pay the same amount for each month of VDR usage